Second Annual Bastille Day

July 27th, 2010

Merci beaucoup to all who braved the heat and came out for our French Revolution Celebration. We estimate anywhere from 750 to 900 showed up to enjoy music, wine, poodles, fencing,and the dunk-a-mime tank. The costumed artisans of the Society for Creative Anachronism deserve a special mention for donning full plate mail to put on period fighting demonstrations. It was magnifique.

Thanks go out to Pookies Bow Wow Bakery in
Winter Park and Canine Glamour Club on Corrine Drive — both sponsored the Pretend Poodle Parade, along with Petco of Altamonte Springs. Additional sponsors included Redlight Redlight, Micro Man Distributors, Chris Baranyl, John Gallagher,Park Ave CDsStardustJuicy Temples and Marvelus Marketing.


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