At the Market Tonight – August 22, 2016

August 22nd, 2016

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At the Market Tonight – August 22, 2016

It’s a sunny day and we’re looking forward to reconnecting at this evening’s market.  Lots of great dinner options tonight, from Leguminati & Dixie Dharma, The Wandering Wonton, Authentic Empanadas, Tamale Co., Stardust Video & Coffee, and Wild Ocean now featuring Kappo!

You can dine al fresco before you shop for local staples to stock your fridge and pantry.

Full vendor lineup is available in the newsletter.

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At the Market Tonight – August 15, 2016

August 15th, 2016

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At the Market Tonight – August 15, 2016

It’s a hot one, but so far it’s not a rainy one.  Cool down with refreshments from Stardust, Winter Park Seltzer, and Yum Yum Pops while you shop and dine at tonight’s market!

Tonight’s vendor lineup, specials, and more are listed in this week’s newsletter.



This Week’s Newsletter


Always Rain or Shine!

August 8th, 2016

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Always Rain or Shine!

It’s another drizzly summer evening, but we’re still here for ya!  Dinner options from Stardust Video & Coffee, Tamale Co, and The Wandering Wonton.  Lots of local goodies from Sugar Rush Marshmallows, Flour Life Bakery, Cocoa Brothers, Tehila Bakery, Natural Goodness, and JJ’s Juice.  Local produce, meat and dairy from Keely Farms Dairy, Azalea Acres Farm, Slow Turtle Farm, Orlando Meats, and Heart of Christmas.  And you can still pick up your seafood order from Wild Ocean Seafood.  Grab an umbrella and pay our fine friends a visit!



Happy Fourth! No Market Tonight.

July 4th, 2016

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Happy Fourth!  No Market Tonight.

We’re taking this evening off to celebrate the holiday with our friends and family.  We hope you’re celebrating too, and that good food is a part of your festivities.  See you next week!



Holiday Specials from the Market Family

December 7th, 2015

It’s officially that time of year!  Many of us are shopping for the perfect gift, or stocking up for gatherings with family and friends.  We’re stocking up the market too, in preparation for all that celebrating.  This month you’ll find more variety of handmade crafts and other goods to help you find unique, locally-crafted gifts for your friends and loved ones.  We’ll be updating this post throughout the month as vendors submit different promotional offers, so stay tuned! For now, here’s what some of our stellar vendors have just for the season:

Gift Cards from Living Vitalitea Kombucha


Daniel and his team at Living Kombucha have released these snappy gift cards for the market.  They’ll be available for purchase every Monday night, and the lucky recipients can use them to pick up growlers of the constantly revolving flavors Daniel brings each week!



Holiday Gift Sets & Stocking Stuffer Specials from Orenda Herbal

12291318_10153682519147777_8474772950115728277_oMichele will be at the market all month with a variety of gift sets and other fun options, including: Smoking Blend Trio – three tins of Orenda’s popular herbal smoking blend in original, mint, and dream varieties in a collectible kraft box – $25; Tea Lover’s Set – four organic 1 oz herbal teas and a tea mug in a beautiful gift basket – $20; Facial Care Set – a basket or gift bag of Orenda’s entire Facial Care line, including Facial Grains, Facial Toner, Blemish Stick, and Kiss This Lip Balm – $30; Fairy Kit – A small Fairy Dust and a Kiss This Lip Balm in a sweet gift basket – $8; Stocking Stuffer Tea Special – 1 oz teas regularly $4 each, buy 5 and get one free!

Bayberry 5Ananda Soy Candle Co. will be at the market all month with a variety of fragrances.  They’re featuring the Bayberry Scent as a holiday special, drawing on tradition from the early New England settlers.  The scented bayberry candles were coveted for their wonderful fragrance and were saved as a treat to bring out only on very special officiations, such as Christmas Eve or New Year’s Day.  These modern-day versions will be at the market in 7oz square containers with a 30hr burn time for $12.  The included gift box makes it easy to wrap for a teacher, friend, or coworker this holiday season.

image1Keely Farms is offering up quarter packages of their Berkshire Pork.  A quarter includes approximately 12 pork chops, 6 packages of sausage, 1 ham steak, 1 ham, 1 Boston butt, 1 rib section, bacon, ham hocks, and pork bones.  It can be custom packaged for each customer to include either 2 or 4 pork chops in a pack, cured and/or smoked bacon, choice of sausage style, and custom-sized roast.  At $5.50/pound, these are some of the best prices we’ve seen on such a high quality product!  Visit the Keely Farms Dairy booth at the market to reserve yours now.


Holly Caangay has been a practicing intuitive and healer for 7 years. Sit down with her and you will receive insights into life, love, health, and inspiration that you never saw coming. Services include Tarot, Palmistry, Angel Cards, and Empathetic Body Scan.  Holiday Package deals at the market (good through January 31) include: Any Two Services – $30, Any Three Services – $50, All Four Services – $70.  Holly is also offering special prices on Full Session Packages, and will have Colorful Gift Certificates available for purchase at the market.

tshirt&AloePlantJJ Juice is a delicious, locally-made Aloe vitality drink from John Jacobs.  A 64oz bottle of the freshly-made drink is available for seasonal pricing of $15. Spending so much time growing and working with the versatile Aloe plant means John has a lot of beautiful plants in action, so he’s offering special $10 pricing on the dwarf varieties in solid wood blocks or copper cups.  Show your support for this new local business with a new JJ Juice T-shirt.  T-Shirt and plant combos are available for $25.

11154581_10152716423475899_1667629507101929548_oIn addition to the variety of blends available all year, Sereniteas & Soothers is offering some holiday flavors, including a Holiday Russian Tea.  Made from a very old family recipe, it will only be available for a limited time.  All teas will be available at a discounted Three for $13 price this month!


Raw, Pastoral Bliss on Keely’s Dairy Farm

November 23rd, 2015


By Jimmy Sherfey

When we think about a dairy cow, we might picture the classic black and white Holstein as well as what they promise to bring – a cool glass of milk, maybe at a sun-washed breakfast nook. However, we don’t always think of the distance between these two images. For instance: the cow’s habitat, quality of life, diet, and its general drain on time and resources. All of these can vary from breed to breed, farm to farm. In the case of the famous Holsteins, it can take quite a lot of imported, processed feed to produce a gallon. By contrast, the Jersey Cows at Keely Exum’s Dairy Farm in New Smyrna Beach do not require the endless amounts grain forked into the maw of a typical heavy breed. In fact, the cows at Keely’s don’t eat grain, feeding primarily on the grass growing in the farm’s ample pasture with a just a little help from non-gmo Alfalfa (a forage crop beneficial to livestock for millennia). Add to this grazing philosophy, the freedom for cows to grow naturally, free of hormones and antibiotics, and you’ve got pure happy, healthy dairy.

41-DSC01658-001“On unlimited pasture they choose what they want,” Keely says holding her infant son Arthur. Her farm offers one hundred acres of grassland to seventy head of cattle and the general public is welcome to witness the milk being drawn from udders every evening from 5-7pm, as they pump out around 60 gallons of raw dairy a day.

While in attendance visitors won’t have to look hard to spot happy livestock elsewhere on Keely’s idyllic property. A team of charcoal-colored Berkshire hogs, when not wallowing in the nearby spring, can be found at the fence of their 20 acre pig pen waiting for the day’s ration of dairy. This rare heritage breed of pig yields a well-marbled pork with chops bearing a close resemblance to steak.


Adding to the farm’s riches, and more or less there for good company, are chickens, ducks, alpaca, and horses all enjoying their own section of the farm.

The farm doesn’t stop at raw, grass-fed milk*. Keely also makes fresh cream*, yogurt* (greek, icelandic, and drinkable), cottage cheese*, kefir*, buttermilk* and even milk-based soap.

In addition to being able to live on the grass based diet that the farm provides, Jersey cows also produce superior milk. Jersey cows produce a more digestible milk protein (a2) than other breeds and richer, creamier milk with a higher fat content than Holsteins. Fresh, raw milk has a rich cream layer on top, an attractive attribute given the preponderance of thin homogenized, pasteurized milk.

Though she may be a little biased, you’ll never be able to accuse her of not caring about the farm and the animals that populate it. Exum treats her cows more like trusted employees, rather than expendable resources to be sapped. While large scale farms obsessed with the bottom line might turn less-productive cows into ground beef, each of Keely’s enjoy the range life long after prime output, free to raise their calves.SONY DSC

“How can you eat them when they’ve given you everything?” Exum says.

Keely Farms Dairy delivers to homes and businesses in Brevard, Volusia, and Seminole Counties as well as the greater Orlando area, free of charge.

In addition to raw dairy products, you can order $20 farm boxes overflowing with delicious assorted veggies from their neighbors at Tomazin farms. Order online here:


*As required by the Federal Pasteurized Milk Ordinance and Florida Statute 502.091, which forbid the sale of unpasturized milk products for human consumption, this farm’s products are labeled: “Not for Human Consumption” and sold as “Feed for Calves.” 





New Market Hours!

October 31st, 2015

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New Market Hours!

We’ve received a lot of requests to adjust the market’s hours, and we saw the end of Daylight Savings as the perfect opportunity to roll them back.  The market is now open from 5:00 to 6:00 pm every Monday, giving you a little more daylight and more convenient hours to shop.  We’d also like to take this opportunity to remind you of the parking options here in the neighborhood.  We’ve had some issues with parking on Winter Park Road, just north of the market.  So we want to be sure no one gets a ticket!  The map below should help.  As always, please be courteous to our neighbors; don’t block driveways and obey all parking signage.  See you at the market!

APCM Parking Map


Authentic Empanadas Brings A-Game Every Time

September 14th, 2015



Last week we gave props to Nicole O. for being a superstar customer showing up in spite of the heavy winds, lightning, and downpour. This week, we’ll look at a vendor set up shop amidst the torrential downpour with zero gripes given. All summer, Maury & Tanya, have been showing up week in, week out – rain or shine – quietly making some of the most delectable empanadas we’ve had. Branding is no-nonsense and neither is the food. The Savory, deep flavor of the rice and beans matched with the cooked-to-perfection, crispy on the outside, gooey on the inside empanadas make for some clean plates. We caught up with the Authentic Empanadas crew on their drive to tonight’s market to get a little backstory on the magic behind their recipes, their business and their stellar attitudes that makes them such market troopers every week.


Where do you and Maury hail from, how did you two meet?

Maury hails from the deep south, a small town called Hallsboro, NC, and I am from New Jersey. We both met in the heart of Manhattan, New York City. We met at work, while working for a large international marketing firm. That’s where the magic between us began.


When did you guys first get into the empanada business, and where do the recipes come from?

The empanada business began for us around 3 years ago. We have been making them for about 16 years. The education and love for making them stemmed from a family member from Venezuela that moved in with us for 10 years and taught us to cook every Latin dish you  can imagine!  Empanadas was her specialty! We made lots of empanadas every day for the Latin community, for many many years. The recipe was handed to us under lock & key and is only known by 3 people. This recipe is from a woman who is half Puerto Rican and half Venezuelan, originally from Caracas, Venezuela.


You drive to a lot of different markets. What do you normally do on the ride over? What’s your go to driving music?

Business plans, we have a 2 1/2 hour drive to the market, so it makes for some good quality husband and wife time. We talk a lot, mainly about different business strategies and new marketing plans. We coast along the highway listening to smooth jazz and old school R&B.


Your hot sauce recipe is pretty much bangin. Could you give us some backstory on it?

One of my Puerto Rican friends asked if we had a Guava and beef empanada. I told her no, but that got me thinking. I wanted to develop a sauce with guava and the recipe just came to me. We have been very blessed with how well our sauce is received within the community and the local markets. Our sauce is called GUA.P.O  y caliente.  The name of our sauce is an acronym for “Guava,  Peach, Orange juice, and habanero pepper. Our sauce is all natural, and gluten free. We are currently selling our sauce at local markets, festivals and online.


What do you like Audubon Park and the Monday night market?

It has a cool, eclectic vibe. It is a small but mighty market that people genuinely love to visit! The market management is very laid back and treats its vendors as partners and that really appeals to us. We love how the community really supports the market, and that’s really awesome. We so enjoy being able to see some of the same faces week after week. We have developed a very strong customer base there, and for that we are very grateful.


Thanks, Tanya & Maury, We’ll take one of everything!




How Market All-Star Nicole Weathered The Storm

September 7th, 2015


A lot of folks thought setting up Farmers’ Market with the remnants of a hurricane just over the horizon was foolhardy. Even more folks decided to stay in last Monday when the storm surges brought an inordinate amount of rain to Central Florida. As you may have noticed, Audubon is a rain or shine kind of market, so major props to the vendors that show up despite the conditions. Even greater praise to the local food warriors, who brave the elements to get their groceries week in, week out.

Last Monday, well into the second hour of punching fast growing water pockets from tent tops, we were only a little surprised to see regular market customer, Nicole show up with her tote bag and perpetual smile. It reminded us why we put on the market , even in the face of impending tent destruction, so this week we decided to ask Nicole what brings her out to the market every week, hell or highwater.


Asking this in the nicest way possible: What were you thinking coming to the market last Monday?


I don’t usually check the weather forecasts [Our kind of gal!] so I had no idea of the imminent torrential downpour. When I left for the market it was just sprinkling, but there was no turning back since I must keep my little kefir grains alive. Richard [Heart of Christmas] is always there, rain or shine, and has some awesome raw dairy, cheese, and eggs! [For the uninitiated, kefir grains are used to make a fermented milk full of beneficial bacteria and yeast, providing a lot of good probiotics similar to kombucha.]


Was the trip worth it? It must have been a treacherous pass.


I’m always pleasantly surprised. My kefir grains aren’t the only ones that have to eat so it wouldn’t be too big of stretch to say going to the market is a matter of life and death [chuckles]…I do most of my grocery shopping at the market and Fresh 24.


What are your favorite items to pick up each week?

I love Enamored With Nature by Amanda Dumas, especially her fire cider, homemade vanilla extract, natural toothpaste, and deodorant…Love Lori’s local honey from St. Johns River Honey and of course Andrei’s coconuts at Natural Goodness. Michelle from Orenda Herbals is a relatively new, lovely face, and Dan always has amazing produce, but I haven’t seen him in a while.


Tonight, Labor Day! Come see what Nicole sees in our little collection of local food producers and artisanal makers. Market takes place from 6-10pm. We can all but assure you that it won’t be as wet as last week ;)



Yes, we are open on Labor Day!

September 7th, 2015


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