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Art Needed For Neighborhood Signs

March 13th, 2012

Nine (9) Neighborhood Identifying Signs, located in Audubon Park, need to be rebranded and refreshed to match our funky flavor. (3) of the signs are 4’ high x 5’ wide; there are (6) smaller signs: 24” high x 18” wide. Artwork on the (3) large signs are single sided whereas the (6) smaller signs are double sided. All artwork must be oil based paint to have protection from the sun and heat exposure as a result of the Central FL environment.

Entries are open to all two dimensional artists living in Orange and surrounding Counties. The characters “Audubon Park Garden District”, “APGD” or the APGD bird graphic shall appear by itself or in combination within all submittals. A five (5) point system based on overall aesthetics and design will be employed. One (1) point will be deducted if if the above listed is omitted from the submission. One (1) bonus point will be awarded for local artists, i.e, a business within the District boundaries or a resident living within three (3) miles of the intersection of Corrine Dr. and East Winter Park RoadThe judging panel will determine which selected artist paints which cabinet. Each artist may paint only a single box but may make more than one submission.

Sketches or slides must be submitted mailed to Audubon Park Garden District; 1807 East Winter Park Rd., Orlando FL 32803; or e-mailed to, no later than Friday, March 16. Please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope if sketches and/or slides are to be returned.
APGD will provide paint and materials, up to a total of $100, plus a $100 gift certificate for each of the selected artists. Artist may exceed the paint and materials cost, but will not be reimbursed by APGD for any costs exceeding $100.00.*


Judging will occur the week of March 19; selected artists will be contacted by Wednesday, March 26.
* Boxes will be painted April 20 – 29. All must be completed by Sunday, May 6.


Median Planting – Volunteers Needed

November 16th, 2010

Saturday December 4th marks a milestone for the Audubon Park Garden District; they are replanting their first median.

This median will be beautiful and efficient due to the use of Florida native drought tolerant plants chosen by Kariena Veaudry, Executive Director of Native Florida Consulting, Inc., who graciously designed the Audubon Park Median.

APGD needs 10 volunteers from 9am to 12pm to complete this goal. Please contact Kat Quast at 407-590-8776 or to volunteer.