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Audubon Cell Tower – MPB Decision

February 17th, 2009

Today the City of Orlando Municipal Planning Board (MPB) unanimously voted to deny the request for a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) to allow a 105ft. tall communication tower within the AC-N zoning district. Though this decision is only a recommendation to the City Council and not the final decision, it does deliver a strong message to the City Council. We will post more information once the hearing is scheduled for the City Council to actually vote on this CUP.


Because today’s decision is only a recommendation to deny the CUP, please continue to send your concerns and comments to our City Commissioner, Robert Stuart.


Agenda Item Details

Applicant: Bob Chopra, VCI Group, 1101 North Lake Destiny Rd., Maitland, FL 32751

Owner: National Food Mart Inc., 3000 Corrine Drive, Orlando, FL 32803

Location: 3000 Corrine Drive, on the southeast corner of East Winter Park Rd., and Corrine Drive

CUP2008-00041**: Request for Conditional Use approval to allow a 105 ft. tall communication tower within the AC-N zoning district.

MPB recommendation to the City Council: Denial of the Conditional Use.


Cellular Tower – Simulated Image

February 5th, 2009

Below is a simulated image of what the 105 ft. cellular tower behind the Citgo would look like after construction.


Proposed Cellular Tower in Audubon Park

Proposed Cellular Tower in Audubon Park


Community Notice: Cellular Tower Proposal

January 31st, 2009


A proposal has been made to construct a 105 ft. cellular tower behind the Citgo, directly behind homes in Audubon Park, practically in our neighbors’ backyards.

Important Notes:

  • Cellular towers lower property values by detracting from aestheitcs and scare potential buyers with perceived health risks.
  • The proposal asks for a waiver to build even closer to homes than the required minimum.
  • Audubon Park has been fighting the placement of cellular towers in our neighborhood since at least 1996. We’ve been successful in preventing them for 13 years now. We can do it again, but we need YOUR support.


  • Sign the petition. An Audubon Park resident will be stopping by to ask you to sign a petition which calls for the cellular tower to be banned from Audubon Park.
  • Volunteer to visit your neighbors to collect signatures on the petition.
  • Contact our City Commissioner for District 3, Robert Stuart. A written letter is best, but if you only have time for a phone call or email, please do so.

Robert Stuart

400 S. Orange Avenue

P.O. Box 4990

Orlando, FL 32802


407-246-3010 (fax)


For questions and concerns, please email