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OCPS Rezoning

August 24th, 2009

While the decision on closing small schools has been delayed, a new discussion has been underway for finding an alternative to the budget issues facing Orange County Public Schools. The school board is now exploring the idea of rezoning the entire county to help ease the budget instead of just closing small schools. Though all options are still on the table, please stay informed; whatever decision is made may affect property values in Audubon Park.

Ref: WFTV Report on OCPS Rezoning Meeting


OCPS Rezoning Hearing

May 21st, 2009

A Public Hearing will be held on May 26 at 5:30 pm to discuss the closing or merging of schools. Residents are encouraged to attend, please arrive around 4:30 to ensure parking due to an event at the Amway Arena (parking is free, be sure to inform the parking attendant that you are attending a school board meeting).

Board Member Robbinson placed a proposal on the table that would close Hillcrest and Fern Creek and move the students to a new K-8 facility to be built in Audubon Park at 1500 Falcon Drive (Option #4).  The new school would be a zoned K-8 and requires the movement of students into the school.  The other zoned K-8 that we have is Blankner School.

This would move students that live in Audubon Park to the new K-8 facility instead of attending Audubon Park Elementary and Glenridge Middle school. So far our neighborhood would still be zoned for Winter Park High School.

The information on the entire package is at , the option that is up for a vote on the 26th is option 4.

The OCPS Rezoning Hearing will be held at the OCPS building near the Amway Arena at 445 West Amelia St., Orlando, Florida 32801. Parking is free, please arrive early to ensure parking availability.