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Audubon Park Elementary – Swing School for Princeton Elementary

May 12th, 2010

The following is a recent email sent by Joe Cadle, the OCPS District 1 School Board representative:

In an effort to keep the community informed, I am scheduling a meeting on Wednesday, May 19, at 7 p.m. in the Media Center of Audubon Park Elementary School. A proposal is coming from the Facilities Department to use the 1500 Falcon Drive site of Audubon Park Elementary as a swing school for Princeton Elementary. Princeton is number 57 on the sales tax renovation list and is scheduled to begin renovation in June 2011. Currently, Princeton Elementary School has a student enrollment of 474 and the site has limited acreage for staging construction and instruction at the same time.

By moving the students off the Princeton Street campus, the School Board will be able to save approximately $1 million and cut the project timeline in half, from 24 months to 12 months. We anticipate the Falcon Drive school site to be occupied by Princeton Elementary from June 2011 until June 2012.

I have spoken to Facilities staff, and we continue to monitor the growth at the Common Way site of Audubon Park Elementary School. Currently, we have 995 students enrolled in the school and you may have already seen additional classrooms installed at the site. These additional classrooms are necessary to meet the 2010 requirements of the class size amendment plus projected student population growth.

I would like to hear comments or suggestions from the community on the proposal to “swing” the Princeton Elementary School students to the Falcon Drive site. You can e-mail me with your thoughts or questions at , call me at 407-317-3200, x 2911, and/or attend the community meeting. I will be there to answer questions and listen to concerns.

After the community meeting, if all goes favorably, an agenda item will come forward to the school board for approval of the Falcon Drive campus as a Princeton Elementary swing school site. I will send a follow up e-mail to alert you to what night the school board will meet so you can present any support or concerns to the entire board.

I look forward to hearing from you!


Joie Cadle


Audubon Park Elementary – $50,000 grant from Pepsi

May 4th, 2010

Audubon Park has applied for a $50,000 grant through the Pepsi Refresh Project. This grant program by Pepsi funds more than one million dollars worth of ideas each month and the best part of this grant is that is all based on votes. Our grant, “Put a laptop in the hands of each 2nd-5th gr. student at Audubon Park” just went up for vote! With this project, we will be able to purchase 10-12 class sets of laptops like the ones we currently have in Mr. Cook’s 3rd grade classroom. With each class set up laptops, we are creating another paperless classroom where students are engaged and learning through all avenues of technology. It will remain up for voting for the entire month of May. Now, it is up to you to help us be awarded this grant. Here’s how it works:

Click on the link below and it will take you to our grant:

You can vote one time each day for each email address you have. The first time you visit the site you will have to set up an account. Click Sign In at the bottom left hand corner of the page. You can set up an account on the Pepsi Refresh Grant site for each of your active email addresses. Then each day you can login and vote for our grant under each account name. It’s very quick and easy. The top 10 projects with the most votes in the $50,000 category by the end of the month will be awarded the money. Help us to make it to the TOP 10 and stay there!


OCPS Rezoning

August 24th, 2009

While the decision on closing small schools has been delayed, a new discussion has been underway for finding an alternative to the budget issues facing Orange County Public Schools. The school board is now exploring the idea of rezoning the entire county to help ease the budget instead of just closing small schools. Though all options are still on the table, please stay informed; whatever decision is made may affect property values in Audubon Park.

Ref: WFTV Report on OCPS Rezoning Meeting


OCPS Rezoning Hearing

May 21st, 2009

A Public Hearing will be held on May 26 at 5:30 pm to discuss the closing or merging of schools. Residents are encouraged to attend, please arrive around 4:30 to ensure parking due to an event at the Amway Arena (parking is free, be sure to inform the parking attendant that you are attending a school board meeting).

Board Member Robbinson placed a proposal on the table that would close Hillcrest and Fern Creek and move the students to a new K-8 facility to be built in Audubon Park at 1500 Falcon Drive (Option #4).  The new school would be a zoned K-8 and requires the movement of students into the school.  The other zoned K-8 that we have is Blankner School.

This would move students that live in Audubon Park to the new K-8 facility instead of attending Audubon Park Elementary and Glenridge Middle school. So far our neighborhood would still be zoned for Winter Park High School.

The information on the entire package is at , the option that is up for a vote on the 26th is option 4.

The OCPS Rezoning Hearing will be held at the OCPS building near the Amway Arena at 445 West Amelia St., Orlando, Florida 32801. Parking is free, please arrive early to ensure parking availability.


School Rezoning Meeting

May 14th, 2009

All residents are invited to attend a community meeting on Tuesday, May 19 at 6:30 pm, Audubon Park Elementary, 1050 Common Way Road.  The purpose of this meeting is to discuss a proposal on merging or closing small schools that might affect the attendance zone for Audubon Park Elementary and Glenridge Middle.  The portion of the district that this covers is the area inside of Corrine Drive, Bennett Road, Colonial Drive and Bumby.

Board Member Robbinson placed a proposal on the table that would close Hillcrest and Fern Creek and move the students to a K-8 facility at 1500 Falcon Drive.  The school would be a zoned K-8 and requires the movement of students into the school. The other zoned K-8 that we have is Blankner School.

A Public Hearing will be held on May 26 at 5:30 pm to discuss the closing or merging of schools.  The information on the entire package is at School Proposal (PDF) The one that affects Audubon Park the most is Option 4.

robbinson-packet-5-6-09 (PDF)


Audubon Garden District: Design & Promotion Meeting

February 17th, 2009

Design and Promotion Meeting

Thursday February 19th, 6:30 – 8:30pm

Emmanuel Episcopal Church – 1603 East Winter Park Rd


Audubon Park Residents we need your ideas and support!


We at Audubon Garden District Main Street have our vision of a thriving beautiful neighborhood in which we live and play, but we also need your visions, opinions and support. Please come out and help us set neighborhood objectives and obtain mutual goals.

  • How do we re-establish our shopping District

  • How do we Spark District Excitement

  • Should we hold Street Festivals

  • Educate residents, business owners, city officials and shoppers

  • Enhance district image

    • Buildings & Store fronts

    • Public Improvements

    • Rear Entries

    • Signs

    • Landscaping

    • Window Displays


Your voice is important, please come out on Thursday February 19 from 6:30 – 8:30 and share your views, goals and visions with us.

If you cannot make the meeting but would still like to be heard drop us an email at



Audubon Cell Tower – MPB Decision

February 17th, 2009

Today the City of Orlando Municipal Planning Board (MPB) unanimously voted to deny the request for a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) to allow a 105ft. tall communication tower within the AC-N zoning district. Though this decision is only a recommendation to the City Council and not the final decision, it does deliver a strong message to the City Council. We will post more information once the hearing is scheduled for the City Council to actually vote on this CUP.


Because today’s decision is only a recommendation to deny the CUP, please continue to send your concerns and comments to our City Commissioner, Robert Stuart.


Agenda Item Details

Applicant: Bob Chopra, VCI Group, 1101 North Lake Destiny Rd., Maitland, FL 32751

Owner: National Food Mart Inc., 3000 Corrine Drive, Orlando, FL 32803

Location: 3000 Corrine Drive, on the southeast corner of East Winter Park Rd., and Corrine Drive

CUP2008-00041**: Request for Conditional Use approval to allow a 105 ft. tall communication tower within the AC-N zoning district.

MPB recommendation to the City Council: Denial of the Conditional Use.